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  • e l e / N - 1

    22mm sphere necklace with mirror finish


    When it reflects the scenery around it, it blends in with the place.

    when it catches the light, it reveals its presence.



    【 motif ◯ 】 22 mm


     ・silver = silver925

     ・gold = K18GoldPlated ( silver925 )

     ・silver × K10 / K14 = silver925 × K10 / K14

    * The sphere consists of silver and K10 or K14 hemispheres


    ○silver × K14 / chain - silver


    【 chain 】



    【 delivery 】



    *Please contact us for the production of different materials for the chain and sphere.

    • ・After use, wipe off any dirt gently with a soft cloth or chamois leather, and store in a plastic bag or case out of direct sunlight.


      ・Please do not use abrasive cloths to polish silver with special finishing, as this may damage the texture. We recommend using a chamois leather and wiping off the dirt along the fine lines of the silver.


      *Please check the instruction manual carefully before using cleaning solutions or jewelry-specific cloths.

    PriceFrom ¥35,000
    Excluding Sales Tax
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